This Present Mind 斯念安

This Present Mind develops software for the web, with a process focussed on compassion, wisdom, and stillness. We specialize in software for use by music experts. Our office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Our track record in music-focussed projects speaks for itself. From humble beginnings developing programs for computer-driven music analysis, through a custom-built Progressive Web App for an index of Mediaeval liturgical chant manuscripts, to the largest German-language music encyclopedia. At This Present Mind, we have experience working with every aspect of music and its metadata.

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The TPM Approach

What does it mean to develop software with a focus on compassion, wisdom, and stillness?

We put a particular emphasis on making sure your website, web app, or web service meets the needs of our constantly changing society. As the North American population ages, it's important that our web experiences meet the needs of people with reduced physical and intellectual ability. As internet adoption spreads to less populated and less wealthy parts of the world, it's important that our web experiences work with very slow connections and devices less capable than we have in Canada. And perhaps most importantly of all, we can no longer ignore the environmental challenges posed by the technologies we use. Considering servers, ISP equipment, and even consumer devices, all these computers use electricity, and responsible businesses must do our part to ensure we use as little as possible.

Do you know how to make sure blind people can use your website? Do you know how to make your website usable on a ten-year-old smartphone? Do you know how to reduce the power consumption caused by your website? You don't have to know—that's our job! Whether your decide to work with us or someone else, we hope you consider these questions when building your next web experience.

Nous parlons aussi le français! 我们也说中文!

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